martedì 19 luglio 2016

Jot Magazine July mood board

La mood board di questo mese di Jot Magazine si adattava benissimo ad una foto che volevo scrappare da tanto tempo, quindi ho colto l'ispirazione al balzo e ho fatto questo layout.
Non sono proprio convinta del risultato, devo ancora capire se mi piace o meno, capita no?!

The Jot Magazine July mood board suited perfectly to aphoto I've been wanting to scrap since loooong time, so I seized the opportunity and made this layout.
I'm still not 100% convinced of it, there's still something that I don't like, don't know what.... normal, isn't it?

Eccola la mood board

A presto con nuovi lavori :-)
Mi sento super produttiva!!!!
See you soon with new pages and works.... 
I feel super productive!!! :-)

6 commenti:

  1. Really like your layout and the colours of the moodboard...

    1. Thank you so much Christine! I wouldn't have used that amount of yellow wasn't it for the challenge, but I can say I am pretty satisfied with the result ;-)

  2. Wow!! That yellow just pops!!
    Great way of using the colour.

    1. Thanks Emma, yes it really pops :-D
      It's a stange color to use "massively" but I like it

  3. A me piace!!! La foto poi è strepitosa...

    1. Sì, la foto è stata una gran botta di culo ;-)
      grazie :-*



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